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Some stories are not worth stealing

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Since the last update, Chinese Times actually at last mention of 1989 6/4 Massacre…only in the print edition, first thing, and actually this was just the popular article already publish in many places online, “The American Elements of the 6/4 Incident“. (This article talks about how the 1989 protesters studied America Revolution too much, instead should have studied Britain, the incremental change, and so the protest would not happen. This argument is okay, but no reason to fail to commemorate the deaths of many hundreds of civilian people.)

Probably they don’t add that article to the website because some Angry online Chinese from elsewhere will point out they stole the article.

BUT stealing articles from Perthnow is apparently no problem… just yesterday I did the translation of this story below, afterwards then went to look if Perthnow, or WA Today or the West runs the story, found WA Today and Perthnow did indeed. But as I am reading the Perthnow report, I start to feel like “deja vu”, give me an idea. Let’s just look at the Chinese Times “This paper” reporting, compare to the Perthnow reporting:

Chinese TImes Perthnow
[This paper’s reporting] By Narelle Towie, science and environment reporter
A widely popular restaurant in Swan Valley was recently fined, the reason was officially announced that the kitchen was not hygeinic, and inside the place harmful insects rampage. A POPULAR Swan Valley restaurant has been fined after officials declared the kitchen was unhygienic and vermin roamed the property
The Swan Valley’s Oasis Restaurant, and its feasting center, been publicly named on the Health Department web site, and aside from $8750 fines also paid $1571 costs. The Swan Valley Oasis Restaurant and Function Centre has been named and shamed on the Department of Health’s website and fined $8750 plus $1571 costs.
Jordazz Ltd’s infringement list included: failure to maintain eating place’s cleanliness and hygeine conditions, failure to eliminate harmful insects, and also falure to ensure all foodstuffs get enough protection from pollution. Included in a list of offences committed by Jordazz Pty Ltd was a failure to maintain the food premises in a clean and sanitary condition, failure to maintain the premises free from vermin and failing to ensure that all food was adequately protected from contamination.
On February 2 this year, the Health Department officials checking discovered the infringement phenomenon. The offences occurred on February 2 this year when the restaurant was inspected by Health Department officers.
This restaurant, which located at 250 West Swan Road, Henley Brook and holds the wedding receptions and social gatherings, was accused and convicted last week. The restaurant, which hosts weddings and function at 250 West Swan Road in Henley Brook, was convicted of the charges this week.
This restaurant provides breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7-days-a-week. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.
Last year Western Australia had 18 food sales shops publicly named on the website and receive criticism, because they violated health regulations. Last year 18 WA food outlets were publicly named and shamed in an on-line list for breaching health regulations in 2008.

Well, I can understand them not wanting to add Narelle Towie’s name. They don’t want people to know they not only copy the news, they copy from UNRELIABLE sources!

Of course, also revealed my low translation level – kind of like translate with Google. Actually I like the Google translate (English-Chinese-English) of the lead par much better:

Swan Valley a popular restaurant has been fined after officials announced that the kitchen is unsanitary and vermin-infested property.

I think the only advantage my translation has is “rampage”. This word should always be used

But seriously, “This newspaper’s reporting” at the top, is simply the FAKE statement. The source is Perthnow none other than Narelle Towie. Chinese Times must admit this!


Written by Zhu Hongbing

June 23, 2009 at 3:22 pm

Chinese Times “Tiananmen” fail

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Zhu Hongbing translates choice pieces of journalism from the Australian Chinese Times, Perth’s “leading” Chinese newspaper. This time all about what is not there to translate.


As everyone knows China is the restricted media country, so cannot blame the Mainland Chinese media not reporting the events of June 4th, 1989.

And of course, Australia is the “free to be very shit” media country, but still don’t have to be shit. Have no rules to say the media must be shit, so I think we should criticize.

Probably everyone saw some Western reporters on Thursday, 4th of June, still talking about “Tiananmen Square Massacre”. Firstly, this is actually false name (click the link and see the film by the native-Chinese-speaker to tell all about it, needs maybe 3 hours long, but so honest, even handed, very special), because not one reliable witness has come forward verify anyone died at Tiananmen Square. Amazingly some Western journalists were even there, of which none saw anyone die in Tiananmen Square. They did see was thousands of the hard-core of students protesters were remaining in the Square until dawn, with big lines of army staring them, whereupon, they made a vote, decided to leave the square before the army force them. They left peacefully.

Massacre did not happen in Tiananmen Square, even if WA media wish that it did. Maybe they think this is “poetic license” because much more exciting to talk about Chinaman getting run over by the tank in Tiananmen Square, or maybe they just too stupid and lazy to find out – i think “stupid and lazy” describes the WA media better than “poetic”, so much more likely because of that.

But surely there was the massacre, no doubt – even in Chinese some people will often call this the “Great 6/4 Massacre” – and  hundreds, possible thousands (no-one knows), of People were shot by their own Liberation Army on the army’s path towards the square, leaving a tail of destruction.

So, what does leading Chinese newspaper in Western Australia do with all the freedom to reporting freely, even the freedom to be totally shit and to use shoddy “poetic license”? How will they use all the freedom? How will they commemorate the 20th year anniversary of the patriotic martyrs who rise up against government corruption in 1989 and enjoy the support of the population? Let’s look at the sample of some stories of 6/4/2009:

– People’s Republic of China 60 years anniversary celebration programs being collected

– Congratulations to 457-visa holders obtain permanent residency

– Andrew Forrest lost BRW Rich 200 honour

– Italian community celebrate national day

– China Club chorus group now recruiting chorus singers

– Sound Centre to hold 3-year anniversary of opening with big celebration activities

I guess this means that Chinese Times editors believes the reader community has forgot already the 1989 6/4 massacre, maybe the influence from many young Mainland Chinese coming into Perth who really have forgot or really just never heard about it.

But just 2 weeks ago, you publish the article about 457-visa applications, include the line:

Others are currently applying, hope they will soon get permanent resident status.

So please tell, WHY do you hope they will soon get permanent resident status? What reason to “hope” for this Australia residency??

Or do you simply scared the Chinese government gonna revoke the publishing license from across the big sea?

Either way, you FAIL, Chinese Times, fail our readers, fail the people killed, fail to “have the balls”. FAIL.



Written by Zhu Hongbing

June 11, 2009 at 12:02 am

Police arrest transvestite robber

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Zhu Hong Bing translates choice pieces of journalism from the Australian Chinese Times

Poliice arrest “cross-dressing” robber

Perth police arrested a man, this man suspected of wearing blue clothes and a pink fake hair to rob a northern suburbs gas station.

When they raided a house, police arrested this man.

Police say this man broke into a food shop located in the northern suburbs, use gun menace the staff, and robbed all the cash.

He recently received the trial in Joondalup Court.

[Australian Chinese Times]

I have comment to say about this. WHY does Australian Chinese Times publish this maybe 14 days late! See here, ABC report the story on May 7. No wonder the ACS does not put the date!!!

Not only this, but the ACS says he “recently” receive the trial – but they don’t even find out if he got free or not. Only have one Chinese newpaper, I want to say the Chinese speaking community deserve better than this!!! But if I say that, people maybe think I think the Chinese community deserve better than all-wide local community…..”only one paper” is my locals friends always complain to me.

This is such a shit, shit, short story, i should do another. This one I find very funny.

Bread Shop Boss Fined Money

A Geraldton City bread shop boss, because he did not ensure the delivery driver have sufficient rest, been fined 15,000 Australian Dollars.

This “Sun City Bakeries” company provide bread to the Karratha area’s shops.

Because WorkSafe enacted investigation and discovered, one driver of this company was driving the car to exceed 17 hours, he had not undergone the required rest.

Judge Stephen Salad (?) found, this company violates occupational health and safely laws, because it did not ensure the driver respected the rules.

He also pointed out the company does not have tired-management scheme.

The company was also forced to pay 10,000 Australian dollars in fees.

[Australian Chinese Times]

One male sentenced to serve a minimum of fourteen years for wilful murder

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Every week, Zhu Hong Bing translates a choice piece of journalism from the Chinese Times.

One male, because in a northern Perth home he wilfully murdered his lover, has been sentenced and will serve a minimum 14-year prison term

40-year-old Anthony Evans was found guilty of stabbing Alana Daken to death.

The court found before Alana Daken’s murder the couple’s relations were terrible, that they would often hurl abuse at each other, and one time after a telephone argument Anthony Evans had stabbed Alana Daken to death.

The judge criticised police departments, who had been called to the house many times before Alana Daken’s stabbing, but had believed Anthony Evans’s words, leading to the tragedy.

Written by Zhu Hongbing

May 7, 2009 at 3:30 pm

More 457-visa technology workers’ permanent residence applications successful.

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Every week, Zhu Hong Bing translates a choice piece of journalism from the Chinese Times.

Another group of technology workers on 457 long-stay visas has applied successfully for permanent residence, and last week took seats at the Beiyuan Seafood Alcohol House to entertain colleagues and friends.

Already have more than 100 technology workers from Mainland China have successfully taken out permanent residence.

Others are currently applying, hope they will soon get permanent resident status.

Written by Zhu Hongbing

May 7, 2009 at 3:29 pm