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Daylight Saving: Did Brendan just say yessff?

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Brendan selling seashells down by the seashore? No. Families frolicking for a Sunday Times photographer

It’s the last day before the 4th referendum between the “i choose life” yays and the perennial status quo nays, and things are getting dirty… finally. yes!  ah, i mean, no. There’s nothing better than a little bit of political advertising under- handedness right on ballot-eve. You might have choked on your cornflakes this morning when you flicked to page 14 in The West expecting to see an advertisement for Flight World and its magical $87 tickets to Bali but instead saw a stoic Daffy Duck endorsing the ‘YES’ vote.   check it out:

Brendan Grylls

Ok, ok, enough of that. you can stop emailing me Mukinbudin. Let’s be clear here. Brendan Grylls is NOT endorsing the YES ticket. Far from it. This sly little advertisement was placed there by his great mate and ex-country elected MP, Matt Birney. But you had to look for it by god. At the bottom left corner in size 2 font. Birney picked up on some loose Grylls comments back in 2005 just after he became Nationals leader.  “Country people were not as anti-daylight saving as they used to be…”  Anyone can misread which way the ball is turning, just ask Greg Blewett, but surely he knew that one was gonna come back to bite him. And this is probably one of the most effective ads i’ve seen during this campaign. Anyone not familiar with who is on who’s side, this ad could sway quite a few of those on the fence types. Though i haven’t come across many of those to be honest. Anyway, its dark, which means i’m now allowed to eat dinner. Get out tomorrow and save our daylight!


Not content with stealing our royalties, Brendan now wants to steal daylight.


Written by Uncle Mac

May 15, 2009 at 7:12 pm