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Introducing: Rudd Roasts…

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If you hit play below you’ll hear Kevin Rudd (statesman, prime minister of Australia), responding to Muslim cleric Samir Abu Hamza’s exhortation to his male followers that it’s a-ok to beat and rape your wife:

Whoops, I got confused there. When he says these remarks reflect “a new form of low life” he’s actually talking about the remarks of Gordon Ramsey. The celebrity chef. Which I thought was already a well documented form of low life. But thanks, Kevin, for contributing to the national debate on whether Gordon Ramsey or Tracey Grimshaw is the bigger publicity-seeking whore. You publicity-seeking whore.

lowlife gots roasted

Here’s what Kevin actually had to say about Samir Abu Hamza:

Australia will not tolerate these sort of remarks. They don’t belong in modern Australia, and he should stand up, repudiate them, and apologize.

That actually seems like a measured and responsible thing to say in the face of the horrifying teachings of an influential religious nut. GOODONYA KEV. Thing is though, Rudd’s not always known for being measured and responsible in his condemnations.

Take his recent condemnation of the Chasers:


At least, until you see what he was doing when he said it:

soft and gay

Kevin Rudd loves a pious condemnation, especially (only?) when it’s likely to reverberate with working families and the “won’t somebody please think of the children” crowd. There’s a dichotomy here: his condemnations of the soft targets are vicious, puerile and unnecessary. His condemnations of harder, more deserving targets – say, backwards Muslim clerics, or racist Aussies who bash Indian students – are soft, the stuff of UN-resolutions.

A demonstration: If he’d said to that fuckwit of a cleric “Your remarks reflect the rotting carcass of a dead culture”, that would have been totes awesome. At the other end of the scale, he almost would have been justified in responding to reporters’ questions about Ramsay and the Chasers with his latest focus-group tested fave, “fair shake of the sauce bottle, mate”. If there’s a time and place for contrived, hokey Australianisms (and the jury’s out on that), it’s when people are taking things too seriously. It’s not when you’re being asked important questions about important decisions of government (for those who missed it, he dropped, “fair shake of the sauce bottle, mate” THREE TIMES during an interview about his cabinet reshuffle).

fair shake

Or, how’s this for a WACKY alternative: he could have shut the hell up about Gordon Ramsey and the Chasers because it’s not his issue and nobody cares what he thinks. And also, running the country!

After the jump, I’ll run through some classic condemnations in honour of our new category, Rudd Roasts…

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