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Extended trading hours don’t affect me – I just don’t like it: John Cummings

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I want to know exactly how shops closing at 6 o’clock be considered a good thing in this place. So why not go straight to the mouthpiece of the anti late shopping movement, IGA chairman John Cummmings.

He starts with an interesting claim that 96% of stores already can open but don’t.

Is this true? If so, I have never heard Dullsville so perfectly summed up in one statistic! Anyway, on this base, he believes that extend the trading hours will only mean Coles and Woolworths to open longer hours.

And how about the “why not?”

The argument that extended shopping will be forcing small, local-owned business to close is an argument I thought to have a strong effect on the public. I think many people could sympathize this – despite the public’s clearly demonstrate preference for chain stores (maybe something about the importance of signs?)

Anyway, I was fully expected that at least a real-world reason will be the base of the IGA argument.

But no, Mr Cummings does not make this claim – turns out he’s just “philosophically” against late shopping! And yet, as you can see in the interview below, he has no idea about the philosophy behind the regulation that he philosophically agree with. From now on, there is a word, for the philosophy Mr Cummings could not think of:

Behold! Philosophy of Dullsvillianism…

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Written by Zhu Hongbing

August 21, 2009 at 4:20 pm

Let’s all have a big international punch on!

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Penbo: the heavy hitter

Penbo: "The Punch's" heavy hitter

David Penberthy, the editor of The Punch get quite agitated about the Melbourne Film Festival insanity.

The quick background: Melbourne Film Festival decide to include a film about a woman accused by Chinese government of being a terrorist. In return, the Chinese government demand they cancel the film, and some Chinese directors withdraw from the festival.

I will say my opinion about all this at the end, but first I want to “sling mud” at the fear-monger David Penberthy, because the last thing Australia needs is over-exaggeration of China’s badness, because the Chinese government itself does good enough job of that.

“Penbo” began with the normal tabloid attack on the cosmopolitan types often associate negatively with the sipping of the milky coffee (for what reason, I never understand – something about milk not being cool?).

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Written by Zhu Hongbing

August 4, 2009 at 3:40 am

Jak Attak!

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Many times, the AFL football just find big boring. But never, never when the fountain of knowledge in flowing from the mouth of GLEN JAKOVICH!

The Sultan of Subiaco, the Sheik of Spearwood, [ed: formerly King of Klaremont] “Jako” surely is the worst commentator person in all of Australia. He speaks English worse than “this Chinaman”.

And here I present the evidence from Sunday Eagles game on Channel 7 TV. Actually I only switch on the recorder in the second half. Yet still, so many great bits i can’t even include them all. Jako is very Dullsville-special. So think a guy in Victoria sits in a room beeping out all these comments from the Victoria broadcast. So I put this in the “Perth Media Shame” category already, as definitely no-one outside Dullsville would tolerate this low standards of “Special Comments”. But maybe Jako Attako could become a new category, every weeks?

Let us try the “highlights reel” first, then maybe analyze, one by one.

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Dullsvillain scoops Media Watch

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Media Watch has nail the baby murder Facebook shame…

…6 days after the Dullsvillain!

Or, as Dick point out: “An angle they seem to have completely missed is that the use of the pics is potentially a breach of copyright. Would have thought that was a bigger deal than it being a breach of ABC’s fairly arbitrary internal policies.”

However, breach of the ABC’s arbitrary internal policies seems to be become Media Watch staple these days. Fishy? Maybe the hand of Janet Albreccccccchhhhhhtsen?

Written by Zhu Hongbing

July 14, 2009 at 1:00 am

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Even twin baby murder must be sexy

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Just now, I saw the nice ABC newslady, Miss Karina, tell the whole of W.A. that “Police are refusing to confirm reports that the twins were dead in the bath”.

Meanwhile, ABC website still has the total contradiction:

They say the children’s father arrived home from work yesterday to find his seven-month-old twins and their mother unconscious in the lounge room.

Other news are talking about the mother “was believed to have been suffering post natal depression”,  So the mother murder the kids is obviously we draw the conclusion.

WA Today even has no shame in try to make twin baby murder sound sexy – the headline “Twin baby deaths: drugs found in home.”

I really hate the way media always take the gory family tragic story like this as the “hot” story. This kind of story does not matter to anyone, except the people suffering the direct affect – and surely most the time these people will prefer the media not a.) tell millions of people about their tragedy and b.) buzzing around trying to get the scoop picture of the crying father, or the scoop quote from the devastated family.

Not advocating the censorship. Yes, should be reporting this story. But should be a tiny footnote-story, and no need for the “breaking news” update and all this speculation. If it’s about promoting awareness of post-natal depression, then should talk about that when post-natal depression get established as cause.

But of course it’s not. It’s about getting the readers, and therefore the advert money.

In China, under the strict media restrictions, this kind of story indeed will also attract the big attention. Can maybe understand more when Chinese media cannot report many big issues that are significant.

When I been the reporter I got send to the scene of the murder on several times.

Always think to myself, why are we here? Why are we needing to know all the detail of what happen? Sure the police need to know, in order to solve the case. But why even take the picture of the house? What does it matter what the house look like – or is it the service to the real estate investor, warning that the house will maybe get sold with the ghosts?

Every time, all the media harrassing the policeman for the secret tip-off. The scoop. Policemen’s fault too, for giving the tip-off away. But okay, so you are the first reporter to broadcast that “someone said” the kids die from dunking in the bath…what kind of scoop is that?

Until now I never even talked about Perthnow. They got the great scoop: got the name of the tragic father. Onya Perthnow. I would label you are THE WORST, but today that is WA Today: first, the headline I mentioned already, and also release unconfirmed names – what need to publish unconfirmed “WA-Today-understands” information in this situation? And then, underneath the headline, they get the best picture of the twin dead babies. Took from where? Facebook.

Written by Zhu Hongbing

July 7, 2009 at 10:24 pm

From the Dullsvault: February 19, 1984

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As part of the mission to understand why Dullsville is Dull in these ways, and also because I finally realize that Chinese Times has nothing worth translating because it all come from the Perthnow anyway (un-atributed of course, always), so I decided to crack open the Dullsvault instead.

Actually, in 1984, readers have no Perthnow of course – only hardcopy Sunday Times of course. So, come with me on the journey to discover when they open the newspaper on FEbruary 19, 1984, what do they find?

Good start, uproar in London about the two sexual “deviants”, who they say are “jumping the queue” because they are actually considered a couple!

scan 12 lesbians

Get real man, this is the 80s! heterosexual is first-class citizen, homosexual second, okay? But we can see even in 1984, still have this gay-marriage debate….since then how much progress has been occurred? Maybe none, but in this case, if some lesbian feel like being oppressed by this newspaper story, only need to look to the advert just to the right-hand side to find someone to fight for them the article:

scan 12 rebel trader

Clearly, “THE REBEL TRADER”, Mr Gerald, he would fight for the lesbian rights if you buy his product.

Anyone recognize this hero-cop below, maybe have the Royal Showbag named after him? Showbag contains the most high technology of police propaganda – balloons and metal badges:

scan 11 constable careC

But since then, we can see the real-life hero has been dumped, dishonored: Read the rest of this entry »

Some stories are not worth stealing

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Since the last update, Chinese Times actually at last mention of 1989 6/4 Massacre…only in the print edition, first thing, and actually this was just the popular article already publish in many places online, “The American Elements of the 6/4 Incident“. (This article talks about how the 1989 protesters studied America Revolution too much, instead should have studied Britain, the incremental change, and so the protest would not happen. This argument is okay, but no reason to fail to commemorate the deaths of many hundreds of civilian people.)

Probably they don’t add that article to the website because some Angry online Chinese from elsewhere will point out they stole the article.

BUT stealing articles from Perthnow is apparently no problem… just yesterday I did the translation of this story below, afterwards then went to look if Perthnow, or WA Today or the West runs the story, found WA Today and Perthnow did indeed. But as I am reading the Perthnow report, I start to feel like “deja vu”, give me an idea. Let’s just look at the Chinese Times “This paper” reporting, compare to the Perthnow reporting:

Chinese TImes Perthnow
[This paper’s reporting] By Narelle Towie, science and environment reporter
A widely popular restaurant in Swan Valley was recently fined, the reason was officially announced that the kitchen was not hygeinic, and inside the place harmful insects rampage. A POPULAR Swan Valley restaurant has been fined after officials declared the kitchen was unhygienic and vermin roamed the property
The Swan Valley’s Oasis Restaurant, and its feasting center, been publicly named on the Health Department web site, and aside from $8750 fines also paid $1571 costs. The Swan Valley Oasis Restaurant and Function Centre has been named and shamed on the Department of Health’s website and fined $8750 plus $1571 costs.
Jordazz Ltd’s infringement list included: failure to maintain eating place’s cleanliness and hygeine conditions, failure to eliminate harmful insects, and also falure to ensure all foodstuffs get enough protection from pollution. Included in a list of offences committed by Jordazz Pty Ltd was a failure to maintain the food premises in a clean and sanitary condition, failure to maintain the premises free from vermin and failing to ensure that all food was adequately protected from contamination.
On February 2 this year, the Health Department officials checking discovered the infringement phenomenon. The offences occurred on February 2 this year when the restaurant was inspected by Health Department officers.
This restaurant, which located at 250 West Swan Road, Henley Brook and holds the wedding receptions and social gatherings, was accused and convicted last week. The restaurant, which hosts weddings and function at 250 West Swan Road in Henley Brook, was convicted of the charges this week.
This restaurant provides breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7-days-a-week. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.
Last year Western Australia had 18 food sales shops publicly named on the website and receive criticism, because they violated health regulations. Last year 18 WA food outlets were publicly named and shamed in an on-line list for breaching health regulations in 2008.

Well, I can understand them not wanting to add Narelle Towie’s name. They don’t want people to know they not only copy the news, they copy from UNRELIABLE sources!

Of course, also revealed my low translation level – kind of like translate with Google. Actually I like the Google translate (English-Chinese-English) of the lead par much better:

Swan Valley a popular restaurant has been fined after officials announced that the kitchen is unsanitary and vermin-infested property.

I think the only advantage my translation has is “rampage”. This word should always be used

But seriously, “This newspaper’s reporting” at the top, is simply the FAKE statement. The source is Perthnow none other than Narelle Towie. Chinese Times must admit this!

Written by Zhu Hongbing

June 23, 2009 at 3:22 pm