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Chinese Times “Tiananmen” fail

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Zhu Hongbing translates choice pieces of journalism from the Australian Chinese Times, Perth’s “leading” Chinese newspaper. This time all about what is not there to translate.


As everyone knows China is the restricted media country, so cannot blame the Mainland Chinese media not reporting the events of June 4th, 1989.

And of course, Australia is the “free to be very shit” media country, but still don’t have to be shit. Have no rules to say the media must be shit, so I think we should criticize.

Probably everyone saw some Western reporters on Thursday, 4th of June, still talking about “Tiananmen Square Massacre”. Firstly, this is actually false name (click the link and see the film by the native-Chinese-speaker to tell all about it, needs maybe 3 hours long, but so honest, even handed, very special), because not one reliable witness has come forward verify anyone died at Tiananmen Square. Amazingly some Western journalists were even there, of which none saw anyone die in Tiananmen Square. They did see was thousands of the hard-core of students protesters were remaining in the Square until dawn, with big lines of army staring them, whereupon, they made a vote, decided to leave the square before the army force them. They left peacefully.

Massacre did not happen in Tiananmen Square, even if WA media wish that it did. Maybe they think this is “poetic license” because much more exciting to talk about Chinaman getting run over by the tank in Tiananmen Square, or maybe they just too stupid and lazy to find out – i think “stupid and lazy” describes the WA media better than “poetic”, so much more likely because of that.

But surely there was the massacre, no doubt – even in Chinese some people will often call this the “Great 6/4 Massacre” – and  hundreds, possible thousands (no-one knows), of People were shot by their own Liberation Army on the army’s path towards the square, leaving a tail of destruction.

So, what does leading Chinese newspaper in Western Australia do with all the freedom to reporting freely, even the freedom to be totally shit and to use shoddy “poetic license”? How will they use all the freedom? How will they commemorate the 20th year anniversary of the patriotic martyrs who rise up against government corruption in 1989 and enjoy the support of the population? Let’s look at the sample of some stories of 6/4/2009:

– People’s Republic of China 60 years anniversary celebration programs being collected

– Congratulations to 457-visa holders obtain permanent residency

– Andrew Forrest lost BRW Rich 200 honour

– Italian community celebrate national day

– China Club chorus group now recruiting chorus singers

– Sound Centre to hold 3-year anniversary of opening with big celebration activities

I guess this means that Chinese Times editors believes the reader community has forgot already the 1989 6/4 massacre, maybe the influence from many young Mainland Chinese coming into Perth who really have forgot or really just never heard about it.

But just 2 weeks ago, you publish the article about 457-visa applications, include the line:

Others are currently applying, hope they will soon get permanent resident status.

So please tell, WHY do you hope they will soon get permanent resident status? What reason to “hope” for this Australia residency??

Or do you simply scared the Chinese government gonna revoke the publishing license from across the big sea?

Either way, you FAIL, Chinese Times, fail our readers, fail the people killed, fail to “have the balls”. FAIL.




Written by Zhu Hongbing

June 11, 2009 at 12:02 am

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