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Flogging a dead pig

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If I see this fucking photo again I think my head might a’splode:

pig a splosion

Yes, The Sunday Times continues to hump its non-story about a hoax email forward. (Also, they never responded to my letter. The hoons).

In the latest instalment of what increasingly looks like a game of let’s see how long we can get away with this garbage, The Sunday Times bends over for some auto-fellatio right up front:

The giant kill made news around the world after The Sunday Times last week reported it. We confirmed – contrary to competing Internet claims and denials from the Department of Environment and Conservation – that it was indeed killed in the Pilbara.

Before snowballing Sporting Shooters Association propaganda that – get this – Perth is at threat from giant feral pigs!

Head asplode

They don’t even ask the Department of Environment and Conservation what they think of the threat, probably because the Department was so thoroughly discredited by The Sunday Times’ investigative journalism last time.

Head asplode

And then there’s this:

Even Todd Russell, the rescued Beaconsfield miner and keen shooter, who was trapped nearly a kilometre beneath the ground in 2006, has been over to WA to get in on the [feral pig killing] action.

Because the first thing anyone would want to do after being trapped in a claustrophobic underground cage for two weeks and forced to shit in your hard hat is get back at nature by killing feral pigs?

Head asplode

The article contains no word as to what Clare Werbloff thinks of the whole thing.

Excuse me, I got some a’splodin to do.


2 Responses

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  1. Sporting Shooters Association: ‘LARGE feral pigs are roaming areas on the outskirts of Perth’. So we’ve gone from the Pilbra to Midland in the sapce of 7 days. Probably the funniest opening intro to a follow up story i’ve read this year.

    The article also has the best closing quote as well. “Some of the newspapers like to sensationalise it…” They certainly do Sporting Shooters Association Australia WA president Ron Bryant, they certainly do.

    Snowballing & the Beaconfield pooing question! haha. you learn something new everyday. Except on Sundays. Great post Dick.

    Uncle Mac

    June 8, 2009 at 4:48 pm

  2. […] Well, can understand them not wanting to add Narelle Towie’s name. They don’t want people to know they not only copy the news, they copy from UNRELIABLE sources! […]

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