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Heath Ledger endorses “scientific” human slaughter

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I never really understood the adulation of Heath Ledger, Dullsville’s biggest Hollywood success story.

He was pretty good in the Aussie flick Candy but he didn’t do himself any favours with roles in saccharine duds like A Knight’s Tale.

Since he’s kicked the bucket, though, like Jimi Hendrix or, more recently, J Dilla, his output has been both prolific and top notch. The latest Batman wasn’t quite Terminator 2, but Ledger was nuts scary in it.

And now we find out that before he died he also directed a Modest Mouse video clip that features the brutal slaughter of human families by grizzled cartoon whales. The analogy might be a little stoner-obvious (“dude, imagine if whales hunted us“), but check out the execution:

[Ed: The video is now down due to a copyright claim from Sony. I guess the greedy fucks don’t want their band to get free promotion. You can still see it at Rolling Stone.]

That’s how they make ginger bread men! Gross. Awesome. Success.

(Full disclosure: I also happen to love Modest Mouse so much I want to take take them behind a middle school and get them pregnant. Start with The Lonesome Crowded West).

The Perth media seem a bit torn (excuse the pun) about this video, especially given how shamelessly they covered every aspect of Ledger’s death and the ensuing public mourning process:

gruesome and graphic

But don’t ya love PerthNow?! Who in their right mind would describe a music video clip that way? “Heath’s gruesome last video” had me guessing they’d discovered video of his last moments of frantic autoerotic asphyxiation. Nope. Relax, PerthNow, it’s a cartoon.

WA Today, by contrast, continue to lose the race to the gutter by sticking with the boring “graphic”. Seems quite restrained, really:



Written by Dick

August 6, 2009 at 10:45 pm

2 Responses

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