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The Dullsvillain scoops again! This time, The Punch

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Why the skull-fuck does the mainstream media keep biting our style? Just days after Uncle Mac’s hilarious review of Tango & Cash, The Punch reviews the very same film:

Tango and Cash, 1989. Spoiler alert: Tango and Cash start out hating one another but become friends.

Spoiler alert: I started out hating this review and continued to hate this review all the way to the end.  I recommend you stick with Uncle Mac’s original version:

Wikipedia describes this flick as an “action/comedy”. It’s more like ‘comedy in the action’. With the comedy purely accidental, and thus, tragically hilarious. Of course any film involving Sly Stallone is gonna be funny, that goes without saying. But a buddy-cop film with one of the most over actor-ing actors in the biz (Kurt Russell) + Sly is a recipe for a good ol’ fashion 80’s abortion.

By the way, in a surpring about-face (and a shameless bit of self-promotion on our part), The Punch saw fit to let us link to The Dullsvillain today. Before you eat your hat, though, check the disclaimer inserted into our comment by the moderator:

(ed’s note: contains strong language)

Ba-ha-ha. Apparently, “Australia’s Best Conversation” doesn’t include any naughty words.  The Punch, to quote Uncle Mac, are fairy flossed wowsers.

the punch


Written by Dick

July 30, 2009 at 7:57 pm

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