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Not quite. Not even close. I literally tripped over these very niche publications when i was exiting a public building today. At my own discretion mind you. Has anyone else seen these before, let alone read one? I was amazed to find out they actually existed.

I scoff at you cynics who say Dullsville is a one and a half paper town. When you’ve got the hippie publication ‘Nova’, a fag paper called ‘OutInPerth’ (all one word as far as i can tell), two baby boomer rags and a mother’s monthly to keep the intellect buzzing, everything must be A-Ok in ye olde Perth town.

here’s some highlights of the ads i found in ’em.



I love the title of this baby boomer paper. ‘Have a Go’. Real condescending in a real chirpy sorta way. I get the feeling a lot of old codgers must nod off whilst they’re reading this for some reason. (condescending under 9’s football coach voice required here) “It’s not about getting through the whole paper, it’s about ‘having a go!'”

I guess it’s not only APIA that’s getting loose on its age requirements these days. 45?! Thats just insulting.

All women by law should have to wear this ‘hook at the front’ bra.



“Earn”. Don’t you just love that. Earning a hypnotherapy diploma is like earning a degree in lightsabering. These bogus ads flogging hypnotherapy courses are everywhere. As you would expect from these lefty leeches. And it ain’t cheap. I guess tarrot card reading is too year of the rat.



I first heard of Kip Mcgrath when i was working up in Kalgoolie back in ’05. He had these really awkward ads that combined the worst from an office supply ad and the worst of a Salvation Army ad. And spoken in that elegant (cheese grater sliding down vocal chords) country phonetics.

Presenting an ad in the form of an article is always unforgiveable. But doing it on the front cover you automatically bequeath all journalistic credability. Even though they state Julie Courtis is from Kip Mcgrath Willetton it still doesn’t make it ok. I reckon this Kip guy has done the hypnotherapy course, cause he can cure your child of everything! ADD, ADHD,CAPD and dyslexia is no match for Kip and his team. The guy’s a tutor. They’re all the same.



Is this RetraVision’s answer to The Good Guy’s? Not sure which is more gay.



Not an ad, just horrific.


Written by Uncle Mac

July 25, 2009 at 3:07 pm

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  1. Jeeeez Retravision getting a bit serious about marketing to the audience there, isn’t it? Imagine Rick Hart in that pose. Wait, don’t.


    July 27, 2009 at 9:59 pm

  2. “……45?! Thats(sic.) just insulting.”

    Mate haven’t you seen some of the senile 35 year olds getting around the place.

    “Sense of adventure” is very thinly spread out amongst the populus these days.

    I’ve been scanning the “Friend-to-Friend” mating page for yonks and have yet to find anyone there who isn’t genuinely metrocentric and a touch claustrophobic.
    Theatre, dancing, fine wine and dining out seems to be the extent of it.
    Or maybe the occasional cruise ship.
    The less age-advanced they are, the more likely that they are to be terrified by the thought of an existence beyond the boundaries of an air conditioned home theatre and the possibility of actually encountering the kinds of thing that they avidly watch on TV nature programs.

    May the good lord preserve me from “normality”.

    I remain, most sincerely

    “Born Again Bachelor”

    (An aspiring solo grey nomad)


    August 16, 2009 at 12:21 pm

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