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This is why we don’t give weapons to children

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A video of a Perth train guard tasering himself in the leg for a laff has been leaked to Channel 10. Watch it here.


The guard involved, who lost his job, now says he was a victim of peer pressure. Because grown men employed to protect the public inflict serious injury on themselves to avoid being called “chickenshit”. That’s how peer pressure works now.

Transit guards have pepper spray, batons and handcuffs, but they don’t have tasers.  This one was illegally imported.  However, less than a month ago, the Australian Rail, Tram and Bus Industry Union demanded 50,000 volt tasers for every sub-intellect in the bunch.

You gotta love the timing, which recalls a toddler pissing in the bed the last night before he’s allowed to go without a nappy.

The Union isn’t backing off. Quoth the mouthpiece:

I think it just highlights the requirement for proper training prior to the issuance of this equipment.

See? You need to give morons unsafe weapons before morons can learn to use them responsibly. Like the old saying goes, you have to electrocute a few people to make omelette.


Written by Dick

July 19, 2009 at 4:40 pm

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