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In Dullsville news, the Town of Vincent wants nightlife to Shut The Fuck Up, punk.

There’s a good piece on WA Today from Chris Thomson, some guy who’s apparently had a lot of contact with local councils and hates them accordingly. Highlights:

I observed with horror as a Mt Hawthorn pensioner was forced to open his home to council officials who had accused him of fertilising his cottage garden with his own poo. The local bureaucrats found no evidence of this, nor of any health breaches at the home, but the offensive allegation was minuted for all the world to see…

Earlier this year, the ‘City’ of Subiaco tried to ban a group of young blokes from playing ping pong in the privacy of their own home…

[The real question is] what is the best size of councils to get them out of our nightspots, away from our ping pong tables and off our backs?

For realsies.

He also points out that the Libs appear to be backing away from their threat to force councils to amalgamate. You can’t put Dullsville in a corner.


Written by Dick

July 15, 2009 at 8:14 pm

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  1. […] Thomson isn’t always this obtuse, but he does have his own blog at WA Today called “You’ve Got Male” […]

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