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Children of the Storm

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Perthnow seems to be doing this thing where mid-week it hypes the upcoming weekend STM.  “STM” = Sunday Times Magazine. You know, the TV guide. Or what used to be the TV guide and is now a separate liftout to the TV guide? Not sure. Like Perth’s landfills, I can’t keep up with the weekend newspaper liftouts.

This week, it’s a : ( story:

Child of Courage

HEROICS and heartache were left in the wake of a trip down south that went horribly wrong.

That fateful day at Eagle’s Nest, near Denmark, a young man was lost at sea as friends desperately tried to save him.

But on the bright side, a heroine was born:

As STM reports this week, the terrible tragedy has shattered lives, but has earned 14-year-old Amy Pope, of Huntingdale, a Pride of Australia child of courage award for her efforts in trying to save the life of Craig Hathaway.


Wait, rewind:

a Pride of Australia child of courage award

Oh no no no. Really? No, surely not a

Pride of Australia child of courage award

Ha! What?! That phrase rolls off the tongue like a Russian swear word. Doesn’t it just remind you of a simpler time, before the internet, or penicillin, or irony? “Gee willikers, Pop! Ain’t that Pride of Australia Child of Courage award medal just swell?”

Ok, so I’m being a jerk. This girl has probably been through the most devastating experience of her short life, and the good people at Pride of Australia (an organisation with that name exists) have given her a medal. A medal for children.

(You have to wonder what it says when you’re runner-up for that award… “Sorry, son, but you just weren’t courageous enough this year. Damn that Pope and her tragic heroics. In any other year it would have been yours”).

But, The Sunday Times, why you gotta go and do a thing like this:

heroics and heartbreak


Notice that she’s standing in a storm. There’s no photo credit here, but I really, really hope the Sunday Times photographer who’s been exclusively flogging third-rate reality TV “star” and top-model winner Tahnee Atkinson didn’t take this. Unfortunately, the evidence suggests otherwise:

spot the difference

Girls, welcome to Exploitationtown. Population: U.


Written by Dick

July 9, 2009 at 10:56 pm

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  1. Hahahahahha your a dick mate, im 20 years old and this still haunts me to this day, atleast i was stong enough to get through it all at a young are

    Amy pope

    January 26, 2015 at 7:35 pm

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