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Even twin baby murder must be sexy

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Just now, I saw the nice ABC newslady, Miss Karina, tell the whole of W.A. that “Police are refusing to confirm reports that the twins were dead in the bath”.

Meanwhile, ABC website still has the total contradiction:

They say the children’s father arrived home from work yesterday to find his seven-month-old twins and their mother unconscious in the lounge room.

Other news are talking about the mother “was believed to have been suffering post natal depression”,  So the mother murder the kids is obviously we draw the conclusion.

WA Today even has no shame in try to make twin baby murder sound sexy – the headline “Twin baby deaths: drugs found in home.”

I really hate the way media always take the gory family tragic story like this as the “hot” story. This kind of story does not matter to anyone, except the people suffering the direct affect – and surely most the time these people will prefer the media not a.) tell millions of people about their tragedy and b.) buzzing around trying to get the scoop picture of the crying father, or the scoop quote from the devastated family.

Not advocating the censorship. Yes, should be reporting this story. But should be a tiny footnote-story, and no need for the “breaking news” update and all this speculation. If it’s about promoting awareness of post-natal depression, then should talk about that when post-natal depression get established as cause.

But of course it’s not. It’s about getting the readers, and therefore the advert money.

In China, under the strict media restrictions, this kind of story indeed will also attract the big attention. Can maybe understand more when Chinese media cannot report many big issues that are significant.

When I been the reporter I got send to the scene of the murder on several times.

Always think to myself, why are we here? Why are we needing to know all the detail of what happen? Sure the police need to know, in order to solve the case. But why even take the picture of the house? What does it matter what the house look like – or is it the service to the real estate investor, warning that the house will maybe get sold with the ghosts?

Every time, all the media harrassing the policeman for the secret tip-off. The scoop. Policemen’s fault too, for giving the tip-off away. But okay, so you are the first reporter to broadcast that “someone said” the kids die from dunking in the bath…what kind of scoop is that?

Until now I never even talked about Perthnow. They got the great scoop: got the name of the tragic father. Onya Perthnow. I would label you are THE WORST, but today that is WA Today: first, the headline I mentioned already, and also release unconfirmed names – what need to publish unconfirmed “WA-Today-understands” information in this situation? And then, underneath the headline, they get the best picture of the twin dead babies. Took from where? Facebook.


Written by Zhu Hongbing

July 7, 2009 at 10:24 pm

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