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Apologies in advance

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Brain isn’t working tonight. Maybe reading PerthNow every day isn’t good for you? No, I haven’t felt compelled to post off-topic, racist comments or enjoy Boy Blogga, so PerthNow can’t haven’t gotten to me yet. Can it?

What I’m trying to say is, I can’t be arsed. The readers of this blog know it’s mostly about MS-Painting cocks onto foreheads, anyway. And all 7 of you suckers keep coming back! So tonight I’m going to post the worst images from today’s Dullsville news. Give the people what they want, that’s our motto (that is not our motto).

Let’s start with some classic gross-out comedy from WA Today:


Ew, WA Today. Old lady is was pussy-obsessed? That’s her legacy. You heard it at WA Today first?

too far

See, we don’t just draw cocks on foreheads! (I’m so, so sorry).

Appropriately (putting aside that the phrase “pussy-obsessed” is NEVER APPROPRIATE outside of porno) the following picture accompanied today’s article by everyone’s favourite email forwarder, Narelle Towie:

dumped like rubbish

That’s a cute pussy cat. Someone put it in a bin! And someone else put the words “DUMPED LIKE RUBBISH” under it. The human race ain’t got it, man. It’s a bad crowd.

The next worst photo is of “Tahnee” Atkinson, soon to be washed up ex-reality star of Australia’s Next Top Model (which up to 2,000 people watch?):


Modelling is so much flexing your neck in a storm.  I guess she can count it as a rehearsal for this:

PerthNow always seems to hog my posts, damn them, but how can you pass up gold like this:

in harmony

Oh man. Those two made some great music back in the Roaring Twenties (historical fact), but that photo is just the saddest. Imagine Garfunkel grabbing his balls, and you’ve got a mental imagine of Jacko’s planned, and mercifully-aborted, tour.

Finally, back to WA Today for a feel-good pic of an angry, angry young man destroying a speed camera with his bare hands:

speed rage

He didn’t even have to pay for (most) of it!


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  1. this was on west coast hwy, swanbourne.
    The last thing you want when you’re driving from the beach to marangaroo, where this guy clearly was heading, is to be cherrypicked by a speed gun.
    cleaning up the streets, there should be more of it.

    Uncle Mac

    July 4, 2009 at 12:47 am

  2. I recognise it now! One of those wide, 6 line highways with a big central island and no pedestrians in sight. In Germany, the speed limit would be 300km/h.


    July 4, 2009 at 9:29 am

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