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I got moderated! An open letter to the editor of The Punch

with one comment

Dear Ed,

Stephen Evans’ piece on The Punch today, “Is Australia too immature to examine its racism”, featured a laughably phoney introduction and a really dumb conclusion. I pointed this out in the following comment:

“G’day, mate! Strewth. Did you hear what Kevin said about that Mexican and his amigos. Gave it to him straight, cobber, like a true blue Aussie. Senor Sol won’t be going walkabout near our billabong any time soon.

Offensive, isn’t it?”

This is an offensively boring way to begin a 500 word whinge, but I have no idea how it’s offensive in any other way.

And how does this work:

“A confident people might have shrugged and smiled – and quietly engaged in a little self-questioning.”

A confident people might have pretended not to care but secretly wondered whether they hurt someone’s feelings? Huh?

Notice how I signed off with a link to my blog, The Dullsvillain. You published my comment but deleted the link. Thanks, jerks.

I don’t know what made me hope that a blog which plasters the tag-line “Australia’s best conversation” in its header might actually support the exchange of ideas in its comments. I mean, your boss, Rupes, is on the public record against free internet news, so god forbid someone clicks a link in your comments which leads them away from your site, potentially costing News Corporation up to 0.03 cents in advertising revenue.

the punch

Or is it just that you employ the same moderator-monkey as and Perthnow? What a job that guy has, deleting links to struggling blogs, censoring criticism of his superiors, and clogging the internet with hate-filled rants.

Go punch yourself in the head.



Ps, I’ve posted this letter on The Dullsvillain, and included a link to The Punch. You’re welcome.


Written by Dick

June 25, 2009 at 6:54 pm

One Response

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  1. Yeah, and go punch yourself in the head from me, too. What a confused, tedious, forced piece of hackery from this whinging Welsh wanker, neutered as he clearly is by political correctness. Which is why I didn’t open by urging him to punch himself in the cods.

    And OF COURSE Punch, like all the mainstream media “blog” sites, deleted the dullsvillain link! These fuckers operate contra the true spirit of blogging. No links, no “fucks”, “shits” or “cunts”, and no anything else that the Moderator decrees inappropriate – and that can cover a multitude of “sins”, from the political, to taking the mickey out of some turkey with a well-aimed ad hominem attack, to merely holding an opinion the Nazi-in-charge doesn’t like. Interactivity? How far can I spit?!

    Rolan Stein

    June 26, 2009 at 12:31 am

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