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You might remember me calling for some Peppermint Grove Shire blood a couple of weeks ago. Well, my wish has come true.  In a big, big way. This guy is wanted for a $500 000 theft (repossession) of jewellery from a Peppermint Grove mansion. He is my new hero.

WANTED: For having extremely large balls

WANTED: For having extremely large balls

 Here’s what Perthnow had to say about it: 

“POLICE have identified a man they want to speak to over a $500,000 jewllery heist in Peppermint Grove last week.

They are appealing for Andre Kerhart, 29, to contact western suburbs detectives.

Police say Mr Kerhart, who is driving a black Mitsubishi 380, may be able to help with their investigation.

A large amount of jewellery was taken from a View St property at about noon on June 11.

A 69-year-old woman returned to her house to discover a man dressed like a tradesman leaving the property.


Was he dressed like this? That ain't no tradesman lady, that's called a repo man.

She chased the man to his car, believed to be a Toyota Aurion sedan, across the street and, with help from two other residents, tried to stop him starting his vehicle.

Det Snr Constable Ryan Goard said the offender was able to fend off the three people and accelerated away, nudging a parked car along the way.

The man is understood to have headed in the direction of Mosman Park after fleeing the scene.

The rear number plate had been removed during the incident and the front plate was taped over.

This was just laying around in the top draw? Goodbye family jewels. hahahaha!

This was just laying around in the top draw? Goodbye family jewels! hahahaha!

Det Snr Constable Goard said the offender has stolen about $500,000 worth of jewellery from the upstairs bedroom of the woman’s home”.
Robbery in the Shire: "Gimmee that ring, bitch"

Robbery in the Shire: "Gimmee that ring, bitch"

It might be pissing down outside, but my heart is full of sunshine.

Like the ol’ saying goes; when it rains, it pours.


Written by Uncle Mac

June 20, 2009 at 6:16 pm

2 Responses

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  1. That identikit does strongly imply a huge set of cojones! Sucked in Peppy Grove, that’ll learn you for wasting half a mill on shiny trinkets.


    June 21, 2009 at 12:44 pm

  2. Uncle Mac is the man of the people.

    I agree, this was a good crime. Actually until the ridiculous “shire” is disappear, any crime in there is good.

    Zhu Hongbing

    June 23, 2009 at 10:02 am

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