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From the Dullsvault: Timeless Bad Ads

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The Dullsvillain plunders the vault of Perth’s media past

I guess The Dullsvillain’s “bad ads” category is a bit of a tautology. Ads are always bad. There’s a picture of an ad in the dictionary next to the word “bad”.

No, seriously.

But were ads always bad? Say, 30 years ago?

hitting rock bottom

Yep, ads were always bad! Also, racist.

Anyone remember those 90s Big Rock ads with the chieftain’s booming voice over?:

It was kind of a shame for everyone when the PC crowd got to them and he was replaced by a fast whispering lady:

A shame for everyone except for native Americans. It was kind of a win for them.

But that Big Rock ad is at least honest about hitting rock bottom. Actually, brutal honesty seems to have been in fashion back then:

A cut below the rest

1979 consumer: Great, Mitchells’ mattresses are a cut below the rest!

2009 consumer: Awesom– Wait, what?

If you look closely, the crudely sketched moustachioed bloke is supposed to be Dennis Lillee. Which is educational, because if you were born after 1979, you probably only remember him from such product-flogs as Steel Blue work boots and Carpet Call.

A mere five months after this ad, Lillee infamously toted an aluminium bat to the crease at the WACA against England:

This incident caused a short-lived surge in the sale of metal bats, before they were unceremoniously banned by cricket.

1979 been a fucked up year.


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  1. I am not clearly agree that “Big Rock” is the racist……look like they think the America Indian is quite the grand person.

    However seems that is the bad ad with lack of shame because is quite obviously no America Indians in WA, so they simply take the image……well maybe have America Indians here now, but definitely not have in 1979!

    Also I hear there is now the “big rock megamix” on the internet???


    June 4, 2009 at 8:45 pm

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