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Show us ya hoon

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In New York a few years ago, I remember being amused at how the New York Post called cops “cops”. Like, a story would lead in with “An off-duty rookie cop was fatally shot in East Harlem last night”. Fair enough. Everyone calls cops “cops”, so why not the newspaper? But it sounds wrong, like your grandmother dropping the F-bomb.

Then there’s the way the media of Western Australia INSISTS on flogging the term “hoon”:

Doing a burnout with his 14-month-old son and girlfriend in the passenger seats was the final indiscretion for 20-year-old hoon Ryan James Joseph, the first person to have a car confiscated under tough anti-hoon laws.

The West’s unironic love of the term “hoon” gives you a pretty good indication of who this rag is being sold to. Basically, fist-shaking fogies:

old man yells at hoon

Problem is, no one else uses the word hoon. The top definition for hoon on Urban Dictionary, which reads:

1. To travel at speed in a confined area, or do burnouts on a public road in traffic.

2. To show off in a dagerous [sic] manner, mostly with a vehicle or engine powered item.

Look at that bloody dangerous hoon!!


only has 150-odd thumbs up. If you compare obscure memes like “farting gift”, which boasts 3,900 thumbs, or “douchebaguette”, with 5280, hoon basically isn’t a word.

The second definition for hoon on Urban Dictionary, with a close 50+ thumbs up, is where things get interesting:

A vulgar alternative to the word “cunt”.

The prime minister in [sic] an utter hoon.

Or, I drank 8 pints of lager and got completely hooned.

After the jump, I translate today’s hoon story in the West accordingly:

Serial cunt’s car on way to crusher as deterrent

serial cunt

Doing a burnout with his 14-month-old son and girlfriend in the passenger seats was the final indiscretion for 20-year-old cunt Ryan James Joseph, the first person to have a car confiscated under tough anti-cunt laws.

Joseph, who has a long driving record which includes driving while disqualified, reckless driving and previous cunt offences, has also lost his licence for 18 months, was given a suspended jail term and put on an intensive supervision order.

Police Minister Rob Johnson condemned Joseph’s driving record yesterday, saying he had asked senior police to crush the car as a deterrent to other cunts.

“When you see the record of this young cunt driver and you see the sorts of things he has done, I am sure that everyone in WA would agree that he didn’t deserve to be on the roads any more and certainly his vehicle won’t be on the roads any more,” Mr Johnson said.

“He was stupid enough to cunt in front of police. The stupidity of this young man; he was caught doing these cunt offences with his 14-month-old son in the back seat.”

Mr Johnson said tougher cunt laws the Government would introduce into Parliament this year would result in the mandatory confiscation of cars for a third cunt offence.

“I am introducing further amendments to the new legislation . . . which will make it a very serious offence for anyone who is caught cunting for their third offence to in any way devalue the vehicle,” he said.

WA Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said the Government had made it clear there would be serious consequences for cunt behaviour and he hoped the confiscation would be a strong deterrent to others.

“The West Australian public are fed up with cunts and so are police. We will continue to target and prosecute cunts to the full extent of the law.”


Written by Dick

May 29, 2009 at 3:45 pm

6 Responses

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  1. hahahahaha LOL

    In fact, one time to correctly use of “hoon” to describe driving style, it is the verb describing the MEDIA driving when there is the big “breaking news story”.

    Is very overdue someone shames Dullsville media for use this word…quite clearly the noun form use the word means CUNT hahahaha!!!!

    The journalist of Western AUstrali could unite together and make the mass voting campaign on the dictionary for promote “Hoon” to become the actual word. But of course they don’t bother, because maybe they don’t care whether the word they use is the right or wrong, or maybe just meaningless. They just get paid to write it.

    Or what about the State Government maybe skillfull manipulating media — what about the use of the “hoon” since “anti-Hoon Law” had came into effect? (The “anti-Hoon Law” was actually called this name in the parlament, right?)

    But more likely “anti-hoon law” be enacted as the response to a media “anti-hoon” campaign?

    But enough to say the using “hoon” in name of the law legitimize the media to be so slack.


    May 30, 2009 at 10:46 am

  2. zhu hong bing, i don’t think the legislation has the word “hoon” in it. but i’m pretty damn sure the police and some MPs have labelled them “hoons” in media interviews, conferences and parliament.

    of COURSE, the west et al are going to pick up on this word and abuse it.

    i think that “20-year-old hoon Ryan…” is overstepping it. obviously it’s not the west’s place to use the word hoon in such a subjective way, but i do think calling the legislation the “anti-hoon laws” has become common place enough in WA to use it in a news article.


    May 30, 2009 at 12:35 pm

  3. You gotta stop carrying that cross for the west australian. you’ll put your back out and disjoint your perceptions.

    these ‘anti-hoon laws’ has only become common place because the west has made them common place by their continual and persistent hammering of them whenever some unlucky Kwinana ‘bogan’ (we’ve been through this) gets done for doing 100 in a 60 zone.

    one of the points Dick is making is the usage of the word ‘hoon’ as an official word of government. it’s 1990’s bogan slang. it’s like talking about introducing ‘anti-bum’ legislation or ‘anti-crackwhore’ laws. which they already do, but not in so many words.

    Uncle Mac

    May 30, 2009 at 2:14 pm

  4. “Sucking dick for crack in an alley with her 14-month-old son and boyfriend keeping lookout was the final indiscretion for 20-year-old crackwhore Rebecca J’Amie Joseph, the first person to have a throat confiscated under tough anti-crackwhore laws.”


    May 30, 2009 at 3:19 pm

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