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It’s funny how things start off as an innocent joke in Kings Cross early one Sunday morning and quickly spiral into an uncontollable internet gangrape that only A Current Affair could possibly mop up.  Check out the edited version of Clare Werbeloff’s interview with ACA last night. It just wouldn’t be a responsible blog if we didn’t:

This chick ain’t a bogan. I’m not defending her here, she just doesn’t fit the profile. Why? ‘Cause bogans don’t wear designer clothes, have this much misplaced confidence, are not good looking and they definitely don’t smile.

The journo handles her with kiddy gloves throughout the whole Q&A session and theres an overriding paternal partronising tone that wofts right through the interview like a fresh plate of siyyadiyeh. Even with his effort to lower himself from his simplicity to her cranium activity levels, she still comes across as the idiot of the two.  But more importantly, why is there a fan behind the bloke that’s asking the questions? This is not your Women’s Day photo shoot yet Werbeloff.


not sure where there's more air, through her hair or in her head.

She refers to “my quote, chka chka boom” on three seperate occasions. Once at the start of the interview at 0.28 where she gives you a beaming smile, at 2.43 where she starts bragging about her merchandise thats now on sale and again at 2.57.

chk chk

"my fingers taste like falafel. thats weird"

As the ‘wog’ from Western Potatoes used to say “What?, no shame?”

The interviwer asks “so the whole story you told the t.v cameras was made up?” She answers “it was” with a disgusting, knowing smile like she’s been planning this for months and the gullible internet has fallen for her ingenius plan. “i say the first thing that comes out of my mouth” Basically saying that she lies whenever she opens her mouth. Interviewer dad should have verablly lashed her “don’t you ever think before you speak little girl?”

Her idiotic explanation justifying why racism isn’t relevant anymore is something Jack Van Tongeren would have said in his early days of the ANM. “If your proud of where you come from then it shouldn’t matter what other people call you”. Of course. I take it these ‘wogs’ are from Wogalia, which if you didn’t know, is right next to Golliwogland. it’s also why American negroes aren’t offended by the word ‘nigger’ anymore. Because their proud of where they come from.

Clare Werbeloff thinks this Golliwog is a cousin to the 'Wog'

Clare Werbeloff thinks this Golliwog is a cousin to the 'Wog'

I  love it when he asks “what have you learnt from the power of the internet?”  Ahh, that omnipotent internet, it’ll be the death of you Clarey.

The way she ends the interview does justice to herself and the whole story. “It’ll be a good story for the grand kids”. I really hope this social parasite does not reproduce. But if she does, i hope she gets knocked up by Luigi Savadamoni and has to eat home made meatballs with the inlaws every sunday night for the rest of her existence.

Bravo to ACA for another great editing job.


Written by Uncle Mac

May 26, 2009 at 6:18 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Great post Uncle, but I hoped you’d cut more loose at the absolute twat of an interviewer, who I thought was the one who walked away from the thing looking like a large bag of douche. I mean, dude is an ACA reporter. He’d kill his own children to get the kind of exposure she gets every 12 minutes on youtube.

    Douche question: “Is this a normal thing for you… to do…?”

    Clare: “I literally saw the camera and run”
    Douche question: “Towards it?”

    Douche statement: “You know there is… no turning back now. Do you understand that?… You know that one split second decision, you cannot ever go back on that now… You’re always going to be Clare, the Kings Cross bogan!”
    “You’re fine now but you sure you will be forever?!”

    Fuck that guy.

    You’re right though, her diction and teeth are way too flawless for her to be a bogan. Does a pretty good wog accent, but.


    May 26, 2009 at 9:31 pm

  2. I am always hearing this bogan, very interested in this “bogan” persons, will ask you soon to give me explain exactly what this means.

    But this again another great post from UNRACIST UNCLE

    Also, I remember this “Ben 4 damn” journalist man from when I am here maybe 2 years ago…. only remember he does bad stories!! “Douche” might be the more eloquent name. (This word must also be explain to me by someone soon! I Like it!)


    May 27, 2009 at 1:13 am

  3. […] article contains no word as to what Clare Werbloff thinks of the whole […]

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