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Phoney Phil

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Remember phil ‘from the ‘burbs’ haberland who writes for the sunday times?

Turns out when he says ‘burbs’ he actually means the western suburbs.

Yes indeed. he writes a column in the western suburbs weekly.

What a phoney.

He’s their big gun contributer. coming in at first drop on page 2 in their batting line up.

His column this week was whinging about how he couldn’t get his fagoty luxury mixture of egyptian dried nuts, herbs & spices at the new claremont quarter, called ‘dukkahs’.

And yes, he did actually give this dried food ‘dukkahs’ a capital D in the heading.


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  1. […] you have a functioning stomach and enjoy keeping your Dukkahs in it then you don’t want to read Phil Haberland in the Western Suburbs Weekly. Like a bulimic swallowing an emetic, Phil’s tripe was never gonna […]

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