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Demetriou talking strange

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In this article yesterday I was struck by how much Demetriou was talking like a politician. Going on and on about jobs. It was weird.

“When you split up the club-related jobs at an average of 100 [per club], that’s 1600 jobs at AFL clubs. Add all the other jobs that are involved in football, we employ directly or indirectly about 13,500 people.

“So we take that responsibility very seriously. [We’re] creating jobs, we’ve got $140 million worth of infrastructure being built at the moment … there’s more jobs with building going on.

“All the clubs are out there doing their bit.”

Now today this:

THE FEDERAL Government will contribute $36 million to redevelop Gold Coast Stadium, securing the Gold Coast as the AFL’s 17th club.



Written by Dick

May 7, 2009 at 4:22 pm

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